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GPC® MiraCopper®

UEI Systems offers superior grade metal sheets in a wide variety of sizes, gauges and in pre-sensitized or non-sensitized formats. We carry both copper and brass metals to meet the widest array of engraving needs. We thoroughly process our metal and quality inspect every sheet to insure perfection.

And our pre-sensitized metal is coated with the finest aqueous photo resist available- AquaMulsion®.

You will find one of the most impressive properties of our metal is consistency. Consistently free of impurities. Consistent hardness. Consistently uniform thickness. Consistent coatings. Consistent quality. All this results in better production for you. With UEI Systems’ high caliber metal consistency you can control your etching, your machining and hand engraving. The best engravers start with the best – UEI Systems metal.

GPC® MiraCopper® Metal<br>

GPC® MiraCopper® Metal

GPC® Pre-Plate Copper Imaging Equipment & Supplies<br>

GPC® Pre-Plate Copper Imaging Equipment & Supplies

GPC® Copper Etching Supplies<br>

GPC® Copper Etching Supplies

Copper Die Finishing Supplies<br>

Copper Die Finishing Supplies


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